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DA Forum Governance

DAF is a living, evolving entity. This Governance model emerged in September 2023. Many dedicated people infused DAF with their hearts, energies and abilities. Some have moved on, while many others are still active. To honor the efforts of all who came before, a chronicle of DAF’s governance journey is underway. It will be published on this website when completed. 

The Deep Adaptation Forum strives for collective self-governance using sociocracy principles. Volunteers and their relationships are the driving force. The DAF Charter and Non-Violence statement describe our values and intentions in all we do. 

For further guidance, DAF governance participants refer to the text Avoiding authoritarian responses and its significant historical and socio-political topics. This document clarifies several misconceptions surrounding our separation from each other and our planet.

6 functional circles are responsible for DAF’s operations. These circles are accessible to the entire community. The circles are: Artisans/Technical, Moderators, Facilitators, Communications, Financial and Weavers. 

These circles are self-organizing and primarily made up of volunteers. Distributing available funds is decided collectively within each circle by practicing the Happy Money Story. We recognize that flexibility is vital as our societal, environmental and structural worlds change.

Representatives from each Circle convene regularly to exchange ideas, updates, issues and proposals for activities. These meetings make up the General Circle and are recorded for community member viewing. Regular open meetings welcome all community participants. The General Circle does not make any decisions impacting more than one Functional Circle, unless it’s an emergency decision. Otherwise, decisions are made within each Circle.

Inclusion and solidarity are the lifeblood of all DAF activities. Each meeting of the General Circle holds an Empty Chair, symbolic of all life forms, human and more-than-human, past present and future. It is a reminder for General Circle participants to consciously hold space for all those not present. 

The Weavers Circle is responsible for upholding DAF’s mission and ethos in the DAF Charter across all forum activities. The Weavers Circle is currently made up of 7 experienced, active DAF volunteers. 

Weavers respond to requests for guidance and/or conflict transformation from the Functional Circles as well as from anyone in the DAF Community. Regular open meetings invite any DAF participant to share their ideas, proposals, projects, issues, etc.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of governance, please go to the pertinent Functional Circle. The Functional Circle volunteers can also be contacted directly via the Community Space.

The Schumacher Institute is a registered UK charity and the legal entity in charge of DAF’s income and expenses. 

The Deep Adaptation Forum is not a legal entity.

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Updated October 30, 2023/Ramey