DAF Governance

Day-to-day management of the Deep Adaptation Forum resides in the Core Team.

A new governance and advisory body was launched in March 2020: the DAF Holding Group. The aim is for DAF to become more clearly managed and understood as a collective endeavour in support of kind and wise preparations for potential, and responses to actual, societal disruption and collapse.

As a mechanism for intermittent guidance and ultimate accountability, the new Holding Group has the dual mandate of providing mission oversight (ensuring that the DAF Core Team of paid freelancers remain focused on the mission of the DAF), and responsive guidance (in response to requests from the DAF Core Team).

The DAF is not incorporated, but works in close partnership with its fiscal sponsor, the Schumacher Institute, a registered UK charity. This charity manages all private donations that are funding the work of the DAF Core Team so far. Core Team members have the status of freelancers, who each manage their own administration.

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An essential component of DAF governance is the DAF Charter – read it here.

Our latest Financial Statement is here.

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