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DA Forum Governance

The Schumacher Institute, a registered UK charity, is the legal entity in charge of DAF’s income and expenses. The Deep Adaptation Forum is not a legal entity.

The DAF Charter, which describes the principles used in decision-making and delivering programs, says this about DA Forum governance: 

“We work in self-organised groups to make decisions that affect us, primarily via consent decision-making. We welcome new projects as long as they are in the spirit of our mission and charter.”

The Charter is supplemented by our statement on Non-Violence.

This is supplemented by guidance on avoiding authoritarian responses, to help community members become more mindful about how they think, speak and act in respose to various challenges.

The DAF Core Team is responsible for day-to-day management of the DA Forum. Core Team members are modestly paid, self-employed contractors.

The DAF Holding Group is responsible for ensuring that the DAF Core Team remains focused on DAF’s mission, and responding to requests for guidance from the DAF Core Team. The DAF Holding Group selects and supervises the Coordinator, who coordinates the activities of the Core Team members. Questions about The Schumacher Institute – Open Collective and any aspect of governance go to the Core Team Coordinator.

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