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Invisiblised Voices

Have you had a chance to explore the DAF website lately? If so, you might have noticed that there’s a new area developing on it: Invisiblised Voices on Collapse. We’re hoping this new content will help to broaden the diversity within our community – but also, and...

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I Cannot be Human

A poetry film by Sarah Tremlett exploring the human/animal relationship on a personal and planetary level. I Cannot be Human takes a stand against a human race that, through its leaders, doesn’t appear to be listening or solving the ecological crisis that overwhelms us every day. It...


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Gardening is Good for the Mind

Approximately 7.5 million people in the UK are diagnosed with a mental illness. In addition, Mental Health UK shares that about one in four experience mental health problems or difficulties, even without a diagnosis. No matter where you look, mental health is an integral part of our lives. To be...

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Taking Deep Adaptation into Nature – a training programme for therapists and group leaders

I have been involved with Deep Adaptation since autumn 2019, and it feels like the context for DA has become a lot more wide and welcoming over that time. As climate impacts increase, I hear the language of adaptation being used much more commonly. Although the Ukraine war may not be directly related...

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