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Hero addiction

Is it possible to be addicted to stories? I don’t mean in the sense of compulsively reading books (though I can, from personal experience, attest to the existence of that trait, too) but in the sense of interpreting the world around us through particular kinds of narratives, like someone who always...

narratives, stories

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Welcome to 2023. Time for new stories

One year ago I wrote the text “End of stories. Welcome to 2022” about the world that is stuck in the grip of old stories that no one believes anymore, and still they continue to define our lives. During this year, we have returned to the past even more: we got rid of the illusion of progress, a gradual...


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New Year 2023

The year completes herself, “I’m done now.” The New Year comes to take over our world, to enter our bodies and minds. She might pop up over the hill, singing, Or she emerges gently through parting clouds, She might stride down Main Street announcing herself, We never know who she is, what she brings. But...


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“Unaware (Unconscious) Violence, and the Seeds of In-action”: Reflections from the Deep Live Gathering 2022 in Montenegro

Thanks to the Deep Adaptation Forum, and in particular Igor Polsky, I was able to personally participate in the Deep Live Gathering 2022 event in Montenegro. Here I share a few reflections from the 4-day gathering. Earth Ceremony Our ‘Earth Ceremony’ was held on Sunday morning...

DeepLive, electriclights, insectapocalypse, lifestyle, Montenegro, Nonviolence

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