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The DAF blog aims to bring together a variety of voices and perspectives to speak to how we are adapting to disruption and collapse.
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Tag: anti-racism

DAF Diversity and Decolonising Circle

This circle is convened by a team of volunteers in the Deep Adaptation movement. Our purpose is to find ways to reflect on and address the main forms of separation and oppression that characterise our modern industrial societies. This includes, in no particular order: patriarchy; white supremacy;...

anti-racism, decolonising, diversity and decolonisation, solidarity

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How Racism and Colonialism shape the Climate Crisis and Climate Action

Racism, colonialism, and other forms of oppression, are baked deep into our global predicament. This much won’t be surprising to anyone awake to how the climate catastrophe is unfolding around the world. It may be more surprising, however, that racism and colonialism are still very much at play in...

anti-racism, climate agreements, decolonising, diversity, solidarity

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