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The DAF blog aims to bring together a variety of voices and perspectives to speak to how we are adapting to disruption and collapse.
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Tag: research

Climate psychology & collapse – DAF Q&A with Jasmine Kieft

Jasmine Kieft is a Clinical Psychologist Registrar, a member of the leadership team of the Climate Justice Union in Western Australian, a mother of young children, and a member of the Deep Adaptation Forum. She recently published – with Jem Bendell – a review of the relevant literature...

climate grief, coping with emotions, psychology, research, wellbeing

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The Deep Adaptation Forum: An online network enabling radical collective change?

by Dorian Cavé In 2018, nine years after receiving my previous degree, I decided to embark on a PhD. It was not an easy decision. For a start, I knew that it would force me to waste countless hours jumping like a trained poodle through a number of bureaucratic hoops (and chase after transcripts...

Core Team, Deep Adaptation Forum, research

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