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Tiefe Anpassung Kennenlernabend

Dieser zweistündige Workshop bietet eine kurze erste Einführung in das Konzept der „Tiefen Anpassung“ für alle diejenigen, die bereit sind, der hohen Wahrscheinlichkeit bevorstehender systemischer Zusammenbrüche in unserer Welt ins Auge zu blicken und darüber ins Gespräch zu kommen. Der Workshop ist...

#climate grief, #collapse, #resilience, 4 Rs, Adaptation, affiliated groups, climate anxiety, Climate collapse, climate grief, collapse, collapse awareness, community-building, coping with emotions, deep adaptation, ecoanxiety

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Taking Deep Adaptation into Nature – a training programme for therapists and group leaders. By Alan Heeks

I have been involved with Deep Adaptation since autumn 2019, and it feels like the context for DA has become a lot more wide and welcoming over that time. As climate impacts increase, I hear the language of adaptation being used much more commonly. Although the Ukraine war may not be directly related...

collapse, deep adaptation, events, resilience

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