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DA Forum Finances

As of December 17, 2023

DAF’s income and expenses are reported in British Pounds Sterling.

  • April 2021 to March 2022 Income: £57,440 / Expenses: £55,380
  • April 2022 to March 2023 Income: £62,270 / Expenses: £67,860
  • April 2023 to November 2023 Income: £8,457 / Expenses: £9,163
  • As of December 17, 2023, assets, less liabilities, are £9,845
  • As of December 2023, monthly donations total £800 from 50 donors. Volunteers manage DAF’s monthly expenses to stay within that range until revenue grows.

The Schumacher Institute, a registered UK charity, is the legal entity in charge of DAF’s income and expenses. The Schumacher Institute charges a commission for handling DAF’s income and expenses and reports its accounts to the relevant regulators in the UK.

Most of DAF’s transactions are published on Open Collective where DAF also gratefully receives donations. Please join the existing donors there if you can. Thank you!