DAF Charter


Last revised: March 21st, 2021

This living Charter is meant to shape and guide our aspiration to embody loving responses to our predicament.

Governance: We actively support and seek to create connections that bring people together globally as we engage in projects, events, skills development, and mutual care. We involve people in evolving the decisions that affect them, primarily via consent decision-making. We support project integration as long as it’s in the spirit of our mission and charter. As our environment shifts, we question and reflect on how to travel together as we explore new horizons.

Compassion: We centre compassion in all our work. We do this by noticing and listening within ourselves when anger, fear, panic, or insecurity may be influencing our thoughts or behaviours. And we invite others to similarly rest within their vulnerability. A shared effort to embody compassion warms and strengthens our hearts, offering an antidote to personal and collective trauma.

Curiosity: We recognise and acknowledge our unknowing. We do not prescribe answers to specific scientific, technical, or policy matters. Instead, our aim is to provide spaces that forge creative conditions for collaboration as constraints emerge.  We invite participatory, generative dialogue that is founded in kindness, curiosity, and truth-telling.

Inclusivity: We value and celebrate the spectrum of perceptions and ways of being that enrich our community and the world we inhabit. We strive to be anti-racist, globalising our perspective to include, integrate, and foreground ‘othered’ histories, perspectives, voices, and realities, especially from the the non-white, majority world, and places where collapse has long been unfolding and ongoing, as a result of processes of colonisation, exploitation, and genocide. We are expressly committed to making DAF spaces safer for everyone, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. 

Respect: We respect others’ perspectives however they may be reacting to our predicament. However, our stance is resolutely nonviolent. We favour persuasion over force, and reject any purported solutions which result in “othering”. Specifically, we condemn all authoritarian, fascist, or racist discourses and responses.

Belonging: We coordinate nourishing spaces for mutual support, listening, and dialogue, nurturing profound human relationships and self-organizing collaborations. As individuals and in community we unlearn and relearn what it means to be fully present at any given moment.

This is a ‘living charter’, which means it remains open to adjustment and refinement and will be reviewed every six months, enabling it to evolve in a way that reflects and incorporates the ways that our community grows.

If you would like to influence the way this charter evolves, you can do so by giving feedback here. Your feedback will be taken into account ahead of the next review period (September, 2021).

If you would like to discuss behaviour in the Deep Adaptation Forum which you consider to be at odds with the terms of this charter, please get in touch with us to tell us more. You may also want to take a look at the Provisional DA Safety & Wellbeing Policy for details on what to do in the case of more serious incidents.

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