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Welcome to EVENTS in the Deep Adaptation Forum

Please join us at intimate Circles, thoughtful discussions, creative arts presentations, and more. Facilitators and hosts with a wide array of skills and interests lovingly offer these events to promote community, understanding, support, and inner and outer adaptation to climate disruption. Most events are via Zoom. 

All events are for persons over 18 who recognize the likelihood of societal collapse from climate change and environmental degradation and agree to abide by DAF’s Charter.

Sign up for a monthly events email here.

Most events are free, but we do have costs. Please consider donating to the Deep Adaptation Forum here.

Event types include:

DAF Facilitated Events –  offer support and skill building for inner adaptation, with safe-enough spaces for deep sharing of personal or difficult topics.  Providing these events is an important mission of the DA Forum. They are hosted by members of the Facilitators Circle, which is responsible for their quality. 

Community hosted events – a variety of Circles, discussions, learning and sharing opportunities. Forum participants with many different skills and interests host these events. Contact the events team if you might like to host an event in DAF. 

Partner events – hosted in partnership with groups outside the Forum. These events are compatible with DAF values of compassion, curiosity and respect, as well as the DAF charter, and allow DAF participants a wider access to collapse-aware education, conversations, and support.

Other – governance, tech support, special topics and miscellaneous.