DA Forum Governance

The Schumacher Institute, a registered UK charity, is the legal entity in charge of DAF’s income and expenses. The Deep Adaptation Forum is not a legal entity. The DAF Charter, […]

DAF Non-violence Statement

The Deep Adaptation Forum (DAF) is committed to non-violent means of seeking social and political change in a context of societal disruption and collapse. This is because violent means are incompatible with peaceful ends, and are completely in opposition to DAF’s mission to enable loving responses to our predicament. In only supporting non-violent action, DAF strives to align ourselves with established international principles, frameworks and leaders for non-violence including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s six principles of non-violent action; the principle of satyagraha, expounded by Mahatma Gandhi; and UN General Assembly resolution A/RES/61/271 (2007) on the International Day of Non-violence.

DAF Charter

This living Charter is meant to shape and guide our aspiration to embody loving responses to our predicament.

DAF Financial Statement

As of December 31, 2021 In 2021 one private individual contributed GBP18K, another GBP 7,500.  The latter for a specific project to develop the ‘new DAF space’.  In addition to […]

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