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The DAF blog aims to bring together a variety of voices and perspectives to speak to how we are adapting to disruption and collapse.
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Tag: diversity and decolonisation

DAF Diversity and Decolonising

After three intense and generative years of weekly meetings, the small group of Deep Adaptation Volunteers who convened the DAF Diversity and Decolonising Circle have shifted to new roles in Deep Adaptation and wider global projects around decolonising, antiracism and diversity. We have decided to...

anti-racism, decolonising, diversity and decolonisation, solidarity

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Honoring and bridging cultures and languages, by Sacha Daucus

The most recent Open Space event hosted for DAF, in March, was an invigorating mix of sessions and individual conversations. The topic was ‘Honoring and bridging cultures and languages in the Deep Adaptation Forum’. The most-attended session was ‘WEIRD Climate Activism’,...

#get involved, diversity and decolonisation

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