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The DAF blog aims to bring together a variety of voices and perspectives to speak to how we are adapting to disruption and collapse.
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New Year 2023

The year completes herself, “I’m done now.” The New Year comes to take over our world, to enter our bodies and minds. She might pop up over the hill, singing, Or she emerges gently through parting clouds, She might stride down Main Street announcing herself, We never know who she is, what she brings. But...


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“Unaware (Unconscious) Violence, and the Seeds of In-action”: Reflections from the Deep Live Gathering 2022 in Montenegro

Thanks to the Deep Adaptation Forum, and in particular Igor Polsky, I was able to personally participate in the Deep Live Gathering 2022 event in Montenegro. Here I share a few reflections from the 4-day gathering. Earth Ceremony Our ‘Earth Ceremony’ was held on Sunday morning...

DeepLive, electriclights, insectapocalypse, lifestyle, Montenegro, Nonviolence

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Four lessons for the world from Dominica on our 44th Independence Anniversary

Our island of Dominica is part of the most complex and connected global civilization in history. Humanity moves billions of dollars of goods and services around the world every day, while war, climate disasters, eco-systems breakdown, and pandemics are becoming increasingly disruptive to our globalized...

Community, resilience

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