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Global Warming

I dipped my hair into the sea.When I pulled it outIt had grown by many yards and was curly. Hanging on to every waveWere crabs, starfish, brown kelp, yellow kelp,Jellies with stingers and without,And one open-eyed, open-mouthed scaly fish. The water from my hair dripped on the ground, which...


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Humans on earth

We came across this video post by the experimental artist Kahren Hipscher on Instagram and felt it resonated deeply, in a poetic way, with Deep Adaptation. Kahren has kindly allowed us to share it here, along with the words from her original Instagram post. A human moment, some space to breathe....


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Etcheto - Slavery

How Racism and Colonialism shape the Climate Crisis and Climate Action

Racism, colonialism, and other forms of oppression, are baked deep into our global predicament. This much won’t be surprising to anyone awake to how the climate catastrophe is unfolding around the world. It may be more surprising, however, that racism and colonialism are still very much at play in...

anti-racism, climate agreements, decolonising, diversity, solidarity

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