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The DAF blog aims to bring together a variety of voices and perspectives to speak to how we are adapting to disruption and collapse.
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Be (grateful) here now: Deep Adaptation Gratitude Month

Earlier this year, I found myself taking care of my friend’s two daughters – aged 9 and 12 – for two weeks while their mum was recovering from emergency surgery. I quickly realised that, despite years of supporting people, individually and in groups, as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster...

gratitude, resilience

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Why the UN must rely more on indigenous wisdom and less on fossil fuels

Over 100 scholars from around the world have co-signed a letter imploring the United Nations to abandon its rhetoric of pursuing the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs), given the lack of meaningful progress towards meeting them. The letter coincides with the United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction...

indigenous wisdom, united nations

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Standing with the defenders of the Amazon rainforest

“I come here through the gate of necessity,” says Haru Kuntanawa, as he steps onto the stage during the closing ceremony of the Climate Change and Consciousness conference, three years ago, in Scotland. He is dressed in the ceremonial attire of his people, carrying the Amazon rainforest on his...

Indigenous resistance, rainforests

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