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Invisiblised Voices

Have you had a chance to explore the DAF website lately? If so, you might have noticed that there’s a new area developing on it: Invisiblised Voices on Collapse.

We’re hoping this new content will help to broaden the diversity within our community – but also, and perhaps even more importantly, that it’ll encourage community members to engage more deeply with some of the more difficult aspects of our predicament. 

The aim is to support those of us who are still relatively protected from the collapse which is unfolding, to recognise our own privilege, and the historic and current injustices that have put us in this position. Without recognising what many are going through, a privileged few cannot truly hope to offer solidarity or hope for reconciliation…so those too-often invisiblised voices need to be heard.

And those people like me in the minority world need to listen, and understand how our past and present actions have caused (and perpetuate) injustice and suffering. We’re overdue some wholehearted truth-telling, accompanied by wholehearted listening; some of which might be distinctly uncomfortable, but it’s necessary.

To this end, we’d like to hear from people on the front-lines of collapse – people whose lives, livelihoods, ways of life are fracturing or already broken. You’ll find a few examples already, on the page itself, but we need more.  If you, or someone you know, has lived experience of the unfolding of collapse where they live, and would be willing to share their experiences and feelings with the community, please get in touch with me (Cat) at, Viviana at, or Malika at

We appreciate that not everyone will want or feel able to share their story – nor may they have the luxury of being able to do so, if they’re currently coping with chaos. But I’m hoping a few people might get in touch, to explore what they might want to say to those of us who’re as-yet largely unaffected.

Our deep gratitude goes to Holding Group members Viviana Jiménez and Malika Virah-Sawmy for their time and care on this initiative.

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