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This page exists to acknowledge the care and love of the many volunteers that have been co-creating the Deep Adaptation Forum, in various ways. Thank you!

Names are listed here in alphabetical order.

If you would like your name to appear on this list, please fill out this form.


Margot Coppens – Website translation to Dutch
Facebook profile

Sasha Daucus – Co-founder and co-host of Earth Listening Circle; co-founder and member of the Diversity & Decolonizing Circle; member of the Collaborative Action Team that organizes Open Space events for DAF.
Facebook | LinkedIn

Rachel Forgasz – Host/cohost, Earth Listening Circle (Aus/EU); Host/cohost, Deep Listening Circle (Aus/US); DAF Educators holding group member.
Facebook | Climate7 website, FB

Wendy Freeman – Member of the Diversity and Decolonisation Circle; Moderator and admin for the Deep Adaptation Women’s Group on Facebook; Facilitator for Women’s Mutual Care calls.
Facebook | Twitter

Fernando Garcia Ferreiro (Nando) – Facilitator (Deep Relating), Guide, Advocate and Donor.
Facebook | LinkedIn

Lisa Gordon – Co-host of monthly Four-Rs / Mutual Care; Co-editor of the DAF Event Calendar; Leader of the plain English Circle, member of the transitional governance circle, interim leader of the fundraising circle
Website | DAF Guide | Courage Facilitator | Facebook

Kimberley Hare – Facilitator, Volunteer, Blogger

Jake Hoban – Website translator; Platform steward

Peter Kindfield – Coordinating/Guiding/Facilitating DAF Educators

Jacquie Mackenzie – Have roled as a Host, Grounding, & active member Older Women’s Circle. Last minute Co-Host twice in other D. A. Meetings. Proposing a War Veterans D. A. monthly or weekly meeting. I have volunteered for an active role in the Fundraising/Marketing Circle in the new format or
elsewhere as needed.
Facebook – our life focus: Eco-Building and Off-Grid Living

Nenad Maljković – Network weaver and group process facilitator (based in Croatia, Europe), supporting DAF online Open Space events.

Aimee Maxwell – Mod on main FB group, admin/mod on Australian group, DA Advocate
Twitter: @aimeemax | Instagram: @draimeemaxwell

Marion Troia – Translation team paired with Margot Coppens to translate DAF texts from English to Dutch/Flemmish.


Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash

credits, gratitude


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