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I Cannot be Human, by Sarah Tremlett

A poetry film by Sarah Tremlett exploring the human/animal relationship on a personal and planetary level.

I Cannot be Human takes a stand against a human race that, through its leaders, doesn’t appear to be listening or solving the ecological crisis that overwhelms us every day. It is also an elegy for a close connection to a pet who has died. With a charged metamorphosis, the protagonist fights to leave her human identity and enter a different world, where we can interrelate with our ecosystems, and resurrect the memory of those who have passed on.

Sarah Tremlett

Sarah Tremlett is a prize-winning poetry film-maker, poet and theorist and co-director and editor of Liberated Words. A curator and judge at festivals, she has given talks on the subject and shown her work worldwide. Her new publication The Poetics of Poetry Film, has been described as ‘A ground-breaking, encyclopedic work, an industry Bible, and essential reading on the genre’.


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