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An Ode of Gratitude to my Haemorrhoids

To be human is to forget
Over and over again
The joy and ease and magic of being,
The unbearable simplicity of the beauty
In this unique eternal moment.
The beat of my heart and all hearts.

I forget, so that I can get on with life,
Without being debilitated by wonder.
Not realising that life is wonder.

I plan, strategise, manage risk, ever-perfecting my efficiency.
I rush my meals, I neglect this sacred vehicle.
I am tense and vigilant, scanning, ready for what might come next.
I don’t have time or bandwidth to listen to the whispered invitations,
This body asking ‘please, care for me’.

Then, in Your infinite wisdom and compassion,
You manifest the perfect remembrance.
The whisper is no longer a whisper, impossible to ignore now.
‘Stop!!! Care for me!!! I’m not going away until you remember what’s important.’

I remember, and return to rest.
I remember
that tending to life is a continual being, not a task to be ticked off my list of doings.

Katie Carr has been a member of the Core Team of the DA Forum since July 2019. She enjoys her work which involves supporting volunteer facilitators and writers. Given the weight of the subjects involved, she strives for a balance between work and play. And when she fails, humour helps!

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Image courtesy of Pixabay

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  • Thank you Katie, for this beautiful invitation to step into the experience of living and to find the balance of work and wonder today. As the new moon rises with its fresh energy it feels like great timing to have stumbled across these words now, and they are resonating especially – I opened my new shop/studio space yesterday and its called WYLD WONDER! ✨✨

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