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What will support us in enabling loving responses to our predicament?

In December 2020 I volunteered to carry out some research for the Deep Adaptation Forum, to find out what people across the community want and need, in terms of learning, unlearning, support and resources.  

I held three meetings on Zoom, an hour and a half each, with members of the community in January and February 2021, and then followed this up by asking a wider group of people to complete an online survey. In total, around 60 people participated and shared their ideas.

A big thank you to all who took part.

Participants were asked to reflect on six questions:

  • What learning or unlearning has been most useful to you so far since joining this community?
  • Thinking about our predicament, what do you most struggle with?
  • What would you have wanted in the way of learning and/or support when you first joined this community? Please consider practical and non-practical suggestions.
  • If you’ve been around for a while, what kind of offerings would you value now?
  • Given that a core tenet of DA is loving responses to our predicament, and therefore connecting deeply with ourselves and others, what offers would you like to see around this?
  • What would you like to see under the heading of developing leadership skills and leader-ful behaviours in the community?

A lot is already happening of course, thanks to our brilliant and committed volunteers.  

In March 2021, I submitted a report of findings to the DAF Core Team.

High Priorities

There were nine requests or suggestions that arose repeatedly during these conversations, as being the highest priorities for our community:

  1. “Deep Adaptation 101”
  2. Calendar of Events
  3. Resource Library
  4. Buddies and Mentors
  5. Affinity Groups
  6. Practical DA
  7. Spaces and Places for Listening, Connecting and Relating
  8. Resilient Local Communities
  9. Communicating beyond the DA Community

There were also seven other categories that were mentioned less often:

  1. Support in identifying my unique path/role/contribution
  2. Developing Leaders, Facilitators and Trainers
  3. Listening to the Body
  4. System Change & Social Justice
  5. Learning from Others
  6. Spiritual Transformation
  7. Trauma

You can read the full report here.

The Deep Adaptation does not have the staff resources to transform these wonderful ideas into reality.  We depend upon volunteers.  If you merely wish for these things, they will not happen.  If each of us commits to actions to make a small part of this list happen, it will happen.

The next phase will be for volunteers to decide which of these projects they are ready to help make happen. This will happen as a part of the Strategy Options Review, to start in late Spring or Summer 2021.

DAF is essentially a “Forum” – a meeting place where ideas and resources are shared.  We are also moving towards more intentional self-organizing, and we are extremely short-staffed. And crucially, we are here together seeking to understand, make sense of, and address an unprecedented situation in which no one is expert.

In light of all this, we need to avoid a frame of staff and facilitators as providers/teachers and the rest of the forum as passive consumers, clients or students.

You can get on the list of volunteers now if you want to.  We need your help!

Please contact us if you have desire and capacity to help make some of these things happen.

A happy side effect of volunteering with the Deep Adaptation Forum is that you become friends with other people who understand DA and are practising loving responses to our predicament, in the way we relate to each other, and in our own local communities.

It has been an honour to make a voluntary contribution to the community in this way!

Kimberley Hare is a writer, a coach, a facilitator and a heart-centred community activist.  After 35 years of running a successful business developing leaders in organisations across the world, she closed this down in 2018, and now does all her work in ‘the gift’.  She has been certified as a Master Transformative Coach.  She is a qualified iheart Facilitator.  iheart is a charity taking a mental resilience and well-being curriculum into schools for 10 – 18 year olds in schools. As well as working to create resilient local communities, she also runs retreats and workshops designed to re-connect people with their innate resilience, courage and well-being.  She supports people who are struggling with eco-anxiety, and helps people to face into the climate and ecological predicament and identify their own personal path from a place of grounded wisdom, rather than fear.  Kimberley is also an active volunteer in the DAF community.

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