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Humans on earth

We came across this video post by the experimental artist Kahren Hipscher on Instagram and felt it resonated deeply, in a poetic way, with Deep Adaptation. Kahren has kindly allowed us to share it here, along with the words from her original Instagram post.

A human moment, some space to breathe. There seems to be a need for more of this. I use this space to reclaim and hold onto humanity and sit with it for a while knowing it will soon be gone. This world we’re making here isn’t new and I know this because the loudest voices are still promoting the oldest ideas and hatred. On this day of my birth, I want to remind you that I didn’t ask to be born. I didn’t choose this body or this world and neither did you. So here we are, born into something we didn’t create or choose, (unless your belief system is different, and sometimes mine is too), so what now? Can we meet each other in the flesh, in our full frailty, frustrated and exhausted from running in circles and chasing and being chased by recurrent, intransigent dreams? Can we cultivate spaces of uncertainty where we can be wrong and cry and lay on the ground looking at the sky? We are primed for indoctrination, worshipping death and destruction and calling it liberation – I won’t be part of a death cult that seeks “no coexistence” and demands obedience. Can’t we imagine beyond this? Can we build deeper relationships instead of creating new hashtags and content designed to kill? I do fear the world’s hatred of my kind and I do fear my hatred of this world, but I won’t let you tell or erase my story or blame my existence for all of your pain. I know I contribute to it, as you do to mine. If we both hold it and hold each other’s stares, what more might we find?

See more of Kahren’s work on Instagram


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