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Deep Adaptation Guides and Guidance

Collapse is uncharted and highly distressing existential territory. A ‘guide’ is someone who knows a part of the terrain well, and can help others through, with a particular expertise. 

The Deep Adaptation Guidance site is both a directory of practitioners and a library of practices that can help. The practitioners are guides who identify as ‘collapse aware’ who have taken the Deep Adaptation values and principles into their practice and have a method for helping others through part of the terrain. 

So the website serves a variety of needs:

  • It is for people in distress to find help, comfort and support in getting to grips with emotional, psychological and/or spiritual aspects of collapse.
  • It is for people to find help and support with other issues, but who would like a practitioner that also ‘happens to be’ collapse aware.
  • It is for people who want to learn how to support others to adapt, by learning about methods and/or finding teachers.
  • It is a way for guides to find other guides and develop a community of support and practice.
  • It is a way for guides to offer help and support to the DA community, often at a discounted or gifted rate.



The Deep Adaptation Forum would welcome any financial support you can offer via our opencollective page.