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Deep Adaptation Forum Facilitators

Facilitators are the visible heart of the Deep Adaptation Forum. They are the people you can talk to face to face (online or in person). 

The challenges of our predicament bring conflicting emotions. DAF facilitators offer you a place for all you are and all you hold. They help bring you into your body and heart. From this place, you can witness the issues, emotions and needs that arise as your collapse awareness grows. 

Weekly and monthly DAF events with facilitators can greatly relieve feelings of isolation. The events offer you compassionate support to enable and embody loving responses to our predicament. Facilitators hold a warm, welcoming space where we all genuinely connect as an adapting community. 

DAF events are usually free. Donations are always welcome to support DAF’s vital role in supporting us during these highly unsettling times –

DAF facilitators learn, practice and embody the Principles of Deep Adaptation Gatherings. In 2020 and 2021, DAF founder Jem Bendell and DAF senior facilitator Katie Carr published papers that explore Deep Adaptation facilitation in theory and practice. 

DAF facilitators continue to develop and deepen their listening skills, their emotional resilience and their self-regulation and co-regulation. They practice reciprocal mentoring and peer support. Our community of DAF facilitators meet online monthly to support and learn from each other. 

The Deep Adaptation Forum welcomes new facilitators who offer events in this spirit. We recommend new facilitators begin as co-hosts, under the guidance of an experienced DAF facilitator. New facilitators may join the DA Facilitators group on Facebook or on our Community Space. You can also contact us at An experienced facilitator will gladly answer your questions.

 For a complete list of current DAF events, explore this web calendar.



The Deep Adaptation Forum would welcome any financial support you can offer via our opencollective page.