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‘Deep Adaptation Facilitators’ is a community of practice for people who are hosting, holding space and facilitating groups, both online and in person, within the context of deep adaptation to disruption and collapse.  Members bring expertise and experience from a diverse range of backgrounds, and share practice and support each other in this vital work. Many are offering their time and skills voluntarily to provide online gatherings for the wider DA community.  The intention is that we can share practices and approaches that embody the ‘Principles of Deep Adaptation Gatherings’, and support the growth of emotional resilience, dialogue, and self- and co-regulation. This paper explores, in more detail, the theory and practice of facilitating for deep adaptation.

Deep Listening, Deep Relating and online Death Cafes have been designed and hosted regularly, specifically for the Deep Adaptation Forum.  Facilitators have also offered sharing and listening spaces, workshops for drawing on archetypes to support deep adaptation, and support a series of ‘Open Space’ events online to enable people across the DA Forum to meet, engage, and co-create.  Facilitators are available to offer guidance for individuals and groups who want to develop their own skills for facilitating dialogue and community.

Contact us to find out more, or, if you’re a facilitator and want to get involved, join the DA Facilitators’ group on Facebook.



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