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The Core Team

In 2023, a decrease in donations reduced the DAF budget. The core team went from five to two people who take care of essential functions for one day per week: Dorian Cave and Igor Polskiy.

In 2023, a decrease in donations reduced the DAF budget. The core team went from five to two people who take care of essential functions for one day per week: Dorian Cave and Igor Polskiy (republish their photos & bios). 

Since February 2023, DAF volunteers have been exploring new governance structures to fulfill organizational roles within budget realities. A proposal for a new operational and accountability structure is emerging and will be open to review by the whole community. Invitations and updates about this proposal will be announced in the community space  and the Inside DAF newsletter.

  • Dorian Cavé

    Community Weaver

    Dorian helps self-organised groups establish themselves within DAF; carries out quickly-applicable research on how to design better collaborative work processes; and oversees capacity-building activities for Task Groups, Circles and Crews. Through his work and PhD research, Dorian intends to help develop the Deep Adaptation Forum into the foundation of an international mass movement, focusing on peaceful responses to the climate and ecological crises we face – and the collapses that are likely to unfold. Simultaneously, he wants to develop his skills in the field of self-organised group facilitation and contribute to scholarship on the role of mutual and social learning within such processes.

    Principal Responsibilities:

    The overall aim of these tasks is to help bring together the volunteer-led efforts and initiatives that are emerging throughout Deep Adaptation Forum groups and spaces, explore synergies and initiate new collaborations, with a special focus on enabling and nurturing a self-organising collaborative ecosystem. This includes paying attention to the technical infrastructure underlying this social network, and how it may evolve to better fulfill its functions.

    Areas of Responsibility:

    Volunteer & Project Coordination

    • Support DAF volunteers and initiators of self-organised circles: onboarding and orienting of newcomers, setting up and promoting self-organised circles, etc.
    • Coordinate and help organise monthly DA Volunteer Community Calls
    • Coordinate and support production of How-To guides or explanatory materials for the volunteers as needed
    • Enable collaboration between volunteers and circle initiators throughout various areas of DAF, through introductions, group calls, etc.
    • Support the ongoing Governance Review Circle and related processes, in order to enable the evolution of DAF into a fully-fledged volunteer-led network.

    Communications & technical stewarding

    • Manage the DAF email settings on the current web host server; and manage new DAF emails database on the DAF web host server, while paying extra attention to issues of security and data privacy, in accordance with the DAF Privacy & GDPR statement.
    • Assist members of the DAF tech support team implement the main activities agreed by the Core Team as part of the New DAF Space proposal, concerning the evolution of the DAF software infrastructure.


    • As part of a PhD research project on online communities, work with DAF volunteers to conduct interviews and other research activities with various participants in DAF (volunteers, non-volunteers, CT members, etc.), and occasionally share results when relevant.

  • Igor Polskiy

    Facilitation Coordinator

    Igor is a Master of cultural studies, has a PhD in social philosophy, is a community trainer, writer and a board member of Russian Ecovillage and Eco-initiative Union (GEN-Russia). During the last years Igor was immersed deeply into ecophilosophy and anticipation of civilizational collapse, as well as the world beyond it. In his first essay around this topic Igor wrote: “People tend to stick to the existing picture of the world and follow social norms to the last, people hope and cling to the habitual. Paradoxically, even in a situation of crisis it turns out that it is easier to be optimistic than to recognize the catastrophe”

    For a few years Igor has facilitated events such as “Seeds of action. Post-apocalyptic hopelessness and hope”, “Post-crisis immersion” and the “New story of the Earth” transformative course, which included the Deep Adaptation four questions. Now Igor is joining the DAF team in order to strengthen an international web of people, who are ready to face the reality, to process what comes and to act with courage and compassion.

    Principal responsibilities:

    The overarching aim of these tasks is to promote and develop the practice of facilitation as it relates to Deep Adaptation; supporting people in enabling and embodying loving responses to our predicament.

    DA Facilitators

    • With volunteers, enable and maintain a lively and growing community of practice of Deep Adaptation facilitators, centred around the DA Facilitators’ Facebook group
    • Coordinate hosting of regular facilitated online spaces for members of the wider DAF ecosystem, that are free to participants, including, but not limited to Deep Listening & Deep Relating
    • Support volunteers to develop their own practice, in line with the aims of DAF and the DA Facilitation Principles.
    • Ensure gatherings are held in accordance with ‘DA Facilitation Guidelines’
    • Collaborate with other relevant practitioners (within and outside DAF) to contribute to the development of communities of practice in line with DA principles and values
    • Other activities aiming towards propagation of principles and communities of practices for the facilitation of spaces, online and offline, which support people to engage in more loving conversations about collapse, and create change (inner and outer) for reducing harm in the face of unfolding societal collapse