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The concept of Deep Adaptation to impending societal breakdown, particularly with regard to climate disruption, is spreading around the world. It was first coined in a speech by Professor Jem Bendell in December 2016, but spread rapidly since his Deep Adaptation Paper went viral. The topic is vast, touching on all aspects of our personal and professional lives, in all corners of the globe. There are now many people seeking experts to speak on this topic around the world – from journalists, broadcasters, and event organisers. If you are seeking a credible speaker on this topic, please read on…

Professor Bendell only does a few talks, interviews and workshops (videos here). To respond to the demand, the Deep Adaptation Forum has been prototyping a roster of Deep Adaptation Advocates (updated list to come). These are people of many different kinds of experience and expertise, who are known to Professor Bendell as having something interesting to say on the Deep Adaptation agenda. They are located around the world. Some can travel and all can speak by video link. Some do not charge a fee but some may need to. Any payments are handled directly, not via the Forum.

If you want to source a speaker for an opinion on Deep Adaptation, or to give a talk, please see DAF Advocates.



The Deep Adaptation Forum would welcome any financial support you can offer via our opencollective page.