Welkom bij EVENEMENTEN in de Forum voor diepgaande aanpassing. Vakkundig facilitatoren en gemeenschapsleden bieden deze evenementen liefdevol aan om gemeenschap, begrip, steun en innerlijke en uiterlijke aanpassing aan klimaatverstoring te bevorderen. De meeste evenementen zijn via Zoom.

Alle evenementen zijn voor personen boven de 18 die de kans op ineenstorting / verval van de samenleving van klimaatverandering en aantasting van het milieu en stemmen ermee in zich te houden aan de DAF's Charter.

De tijden zijn "UTC." Uw tijdzone is geel gemarkeerd in de rechterbovenhoek van deze pagina. U kunt in de beschrijving van elk evenement zien hoe laat het begint in uw tijdzone.

De meeste evenementen zijn gratis, maar we hebben wel kosten. Overweeg alstublieft een donatie aan het Deep Adaptation Forum hier.

Scroll naar beneden om de actuele evenementen te zien. Als je problemen hebt met evenementen of de agenda app, contact met ons opnemen.



Well at the End of the World

Beyond an absence of symptoms, what might a deeper sense of “Well Keeping” be in these times? Using myth, archetypes and somatic experience, this session explores what being at, and tending “The Well” might mean and why it matters in these times.


Deep Listening

Deep Listening gatherings are a safe space in which to show up exactly as you are, share from the heart, and practice the sacred act of listening, deeply and without judgment.  Feel better resourced and practise being a resource for others.


Earth Listening (EU/Aus/Asia)

Once a month, Earth Listening is scheduled at a more convenient time for Australian & Asian times. You are very welcome to join us in this enriching exploration of our connection to the Earth. From this life changing deep connection we then become able to listen and hear what is the next step we need to take, in our unique capacity as the individual we are right now, to become “the change we want to see in the world."

Creative workshop: Seeds

In this hands-on workshop we will work with seeds and the strange, transformative magic they hold. Working with actual seeds as well as our imagination, we will look at the things that help seeds grow and what they might turn into.


Songs of One Breath

Every Friday Jilani will be online, sharing chants, body prayers and breath practices from different traditions. She encourages you to join this journey, the path of the heart, of spiritual freedom, leading to more vibrant life and awakening, and dedicated to the alleviation of suffering.


Aarde Luisteren

There is a glow, an irrepressible joy that spontaneously arises within us when we really listen to the Earth, or any of Her myriad forms of life. From this life changing deep connection we then become able to listen and hear what is the next step we need to take, in our unique capacity as the individual we are right now, to become “the change we want to see in the world”.


Wider Embraces (EU-Americas)

Every Sunday. Wider Embraces is a collective, guided meditation, which allows us to experience, explore, align and reflect upon different aspects of our being. We evoke and explore the physical, the biological, the cultural, the collective and planetary perspectives, which facilitates a greater sense of belonging and alignment between them, and then we share the insights that arise from exploring these perspectives, in a Deep Listening format.


Spoken Word for Deep Adaptation

Gather together to share works of literature, poetry, and our own stories. Spoken word enactment can open our hearts, deepen our shared connections and understanding, and facilitate resilience in these times of growing peril.


Deep Relating (Eu/Aus/Asia)

Deep Relating is a core practice of the Deep Adaptation Forum, a ‘relational meditation’ practice that allows us to become aware of our sensations, emotions, thoughts and intuitions as they arise in our communication with one another. Please register in advance.


Community Grief Circle

The Deep Adaptation Community Grief Circle is an opportunity to grieve our losses in supportive community. Climate grief brings us together, but all losses including social, political and personal, past, present and future, are welcome. This event is not designed to address recent personal bereavement. Join us for a set apart time of poetry, music, ritual, and less talking.

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