December 10, 2019

The Deep Adaptation Forum (DAF) was launched in April 2019,
and is not a registered entity, with its finances now managed by
the registered UK charity Schumacher Institute (see details below).

In 2019 one private individual contributed GBP20K, another GBP10K,
and another GBP6.7K, and the founder Jem Bendell contributed GBP1.5K. This covered
the costs of 4 independent freelancers who helped with research, writing and
movement building.

Jem Bendell works part-time (35%) for the University of Cumbria
and also received one speakers fee of GBP700 pounds in 2019 from UKCP. Jem worked
for free for DAF until November 2019. He funds the infrastructure costs for DAF
(Ning, Zoom, Dropbox, Mailchimp) from his personal bank account.

The four freelancers each invoice their fees to the donor
or the registered charity and manage their own accounts and taxes.
Their pay is set as a basic living allowance at GBP100 a day for a maximum
of 8 days a month. The Schumacher Institute charges a commission for handling
the donations and reports its accounts to the relevant regulators in the UK.

The Deep Adaptation Crowdfund, in November 2019, raised GBP26K
which will pay for more freelancers time in 2020, hopefully in addition to repeat
funding from the private individual and forthcoming contributions via
In 2020 all money from these sources will be handled by the Schumacher Institute
(i.e. the majority of funds).

The DAF depends on the many dozens of volunteers around the world
who give their time freely. The paid freelancers focus on supporting those volunteers,
and most months do much more than the days they are paid for.

At this time the DAF is not going to incorporate, as a predicted
turnover of GBP50K does not warrant that and while its future is uncertain,
being hosted by a well-governed charity is more efficient.

The DAF will establish a governing group in 2020 and they may
choose to release more information at the end of the next year, or recommend
a change in governance. Their function and composition will be outlined in Q1 2020.
With this new structure in place, the DAF may seek larger grants in order to meet
the growing global demand for its activities.


Company No: 6606284, Incorporated 31st May 2008
Registered Office: Create Centre, Smeaton Road BRISTOL, BS1 6XN
Registered charity number: 1144674 from 15th November 2011
Change of name and institute status: 22nd August 2014
Information Commissioner’s Office Registration Number: Z2419674

Read the Schumacher Institute's privacy policy statement here.