Welcome to EVENTS in the Deep Adaptation Forum. Skilled facilitators and community members lovingly offer these events to promote community, understanding, support, and inner and outer adaptation to climate disruption. Most events are via Zoom.

All events are for persons over 18 who recognize the likelihood of societal collapse from climate change and environmental degradation and agree to abide by the DAF’s Charter.

Times are “UTC.” Your time zone is highlighted in yellow in the top right corner of this page. You can check each event description for the start time in your time zone.

Most events are free, but we do have costs. Please consider donating to the Deep Adaptation Forum here.

Scroll down to see actual events. If you have problems with events or the calendar app, contact us.


Playlist for Deep Adaptation

You are invited to share musical pieces that speak to you about your experience of Deep Adaptation. (You can also simply listen to others’ offerings.) Your music can evoke the experience of loss, support you in finding comfort or strength, or it can represent where you are in relation to DA.

**To share your musical choices, you must email them at least 24 hours before the event begins to Danny at danieljw.shington@gmail.com.**

Deep Adaptation Dreamwork

A supportive space for inquiring into and working with the dreams that are present for collapse-aware people. Deep Adaptation Dreamwork is an online space for coming together to consider the […]


Wider Embraces (EU-Americas)

Every Sunday. Wider Embraces is a collective, guided meditation, which allows us to experience, explore, align and reflect upon different aspects of our being. We evoke and explore the physical, the biological, the cultural, the collective and planetary perspectives, which facilitates a greater sense of belonging and alignment between them, and then we share the insights that arise from exploring these perspectives, in a Deep Listening format.

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