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Welcome to EVENTS in the Deep Adaptation Forum. Skilled facilitators and community members lovingly offer these events to promote community, understanding, support, and inner and outer adaptation to climate disruption. Most events are via Zoom.

All events are for persons over 18 who recognize the likelihood of societal collapse from climate change and environmental degradation and agree to abide by DAF's Charter.

Times are “UTC.” Your time zone is highlighted in yellow in the top right corner of this page. You can check each event description for the start time in your time zone.

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Event Series Event Series: Deep Relating (Eu/Aus/Asia)

Deep Relating (Eu/Aus/Asia)

September 28 9:00 am 11:00 am UTC

Who: Jay Ridgewell

When: Your start time (don’t mind the date):

Deep Relating sessions at a later time here.

What: Deep Relating is a core practice of the Deep Adaptation Forum, a ‘relational meditation’ practice that allows us to become aware of our sensations, emotions, thoughts and intuitions as they arise in our communication with one another.
Here are some of the experiences you may have:
-Breaking through isolation to collapse-aware community by taking your place in the circle.
-Practicing awareness of your body and emotions;
-Uncovering the stories and assumptions that condition your experience;
-Exploring and expressing your truth in relationship.

As we face unprecedented circumstances, we seek to live the mission of Deep Adaptation: embodying and enabling loving responses to our predicament. Following that invitation requires a deep dive in the dark waters of social and cultural conditioning in order to uncover pieces of truth we have forgotten, silenced or never even knew were there. Although that can feel like a deeply personal process, it is in our relationships with others that these layers of conditioning arise and thus it’s there that they are most easily triggered, seen and released.

Deep Relating brings together the awareness of our predicament and the 5 core principles of Authentic Relating (Circling):
1. Commitment to connection
2. Staying with sensations
3. Welcoming any energy
4. Owning our experience
5. Being with the other in their world
Although shares around our Deep Adaptation journeys might arise, this is not a space that’s dedicated to them! It’s more of a recognition that an awareness of our predicament will be present in the space as we dive in and follow what arises.

The Deep Relating circle will include:
– a guided meditation to tune into the body and the present moment
– a series of one-on-one interactions to warm up and practice the principles of authentic relating
– a deep relating circle where we use the principles to relate to one another in a group setting

How to Join: Please register in advance here: The event may fill up.

Who:  This event is hosted by DA Facilitators, who lovingly volunteer their time and expertise for events as their way of honoring DAF’s mission, embodying and enabling loving responses to our predicament.

Donate: This event is offered in the spirit of the gift economy. If you appreciate this offering and are able to support the Deep Adaptation Forum, please do so here.