Cat Jenkins

Communications coordinator

Cat is a Christian, a student of digital theology, and mother of twin 14yearolds. She’s struck by the parallels between Christlike behaviour, and the loving responses to crisis called for by DAF. Based in the Isle of Man, she’s also a writer, campaigner and works/volunteers for NGOs including www.Positive.News and

Much of her career was in offshore finance; it took longer than it ought for her to wake up to the damage done by unjust tax practices. She’s been an investment manager, regulator, lecturer, and author – and in recent decades, increasingly involved in social and environmental justice.

Cat’s the stereotypical cat-lady, sharing her home with a rising tide of assorted felines and seemingly rarely comes home without an addition to the ‘family’. Often apparently busy but secretly very lazy, her favourite pursuits are pottering in her ‘sharing garden’, where passers-by are invited to help themselves to any produce they need, reading (anything from bus tickets to academic papers, it’s the eye movement that soothes her) and pretending she can’t move to do the housework because to do so would wake a sleeping cat.

Cat is a recovered alcoholic, recovered offshore finance specialist and recovered one-woman consumer boom: these three things are not unrelated, but that’s a longer story….

Cat is responsible for the website, blog, internal bulletins, and a communications strategy for DAF. She’s very approachable.

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