Cat Jenkins

Communications coordinator Cat is a Christian, a student of digital theology, and mother of twin 14yearolds. She’s struck by the parallels between Christlike behaviour, and the loving responses to crisis called for by DAF. Based in the Isle of Man, she’s also a writer, campaigner and works/volunteers...

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Igor Polskiy

Facilitation Coordinator Igor is a Master of cultural studies, has a PhD in social philosophy, is a community trainer, writer and a board member of Russian Ecovillage and Eco-initiative Union (GEN-Russia). During the last years Igor was immersed deeply into ecophilosophy and anticipation of civilizational...

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Tom Schloegel

Fundraising Coordinator Tom is a husband and father; a resident of Brooklyn, NYC; equally as happy on his bicycle, especially on temperate days, as at home in bed with a book. He has lived in a few different U.S. states and has had two stints abroad. He once turned down a position in Mali and...

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Kat Soares

Core Team Coordinator Kat was educated in Environmental Science and dedicated the first part of her career to environmental restoration and sustainability initiatives. Recognising the limitations of science in the current system, she transitioned to facilitation of shared decision-making around...

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