At the heart of the DAF are the members of the Core Team and various groups of volunteers, coordinating their activities closely. These volunteers, in turn, are at the interface of many large groups of people, be it on Deep Adaptation Forum platforms (DA Facebook Group, Professions’ Network), the DAF extended network (Affiliated Groups), or society as a whole. Although members of the Core Team also interact at times with these wider groups, volunteers play an essential role in energizing the Forum and enabling it to function. Very little would be possible without them.

Volunteer Groups

Listed in alphabetical order.

1. Affiliated Group Administrators

The contact persons, founders, and/or administrators of DA Affiliated Groups. Having agreed to the Affiliated Group Guidelines, they are free to manage their respective groups as they see fit.

2. DA Facebook Group Facilitators

A group of volunteer facilitators who serve as a community of practice, “inquiring together into ways of resourcing ourselves to resource others as we face into a chaotic and unpredictable future.” They offer regular ‘Deep Listening’ spaces online for members of the Facebook group, and also support each other to develop, trial and then offer online and in-person spaces for supporting participants across the forum to connect and build emotional and spiritual resilience.

3. DA Facebook Group Moderators

Undertake moderation of group posts from community participants, in line with community guidelines; liaise with community participants to uphold guidelines; and coordinate their activities with the Platforms Assistant when guidance is required.

4. Professions’ Network (PN) Volunteers

Volunteer Group Leaders undertake moderation of posts within Interest Groups; organise regular online gatherings; uphold forum guidelines; report on their group activities to the rest of the forum; participate in monthly gatherings with the Senior Facilitator and the PN Curator; and curate the co-creation of useful resources.

5. DA Advocates

The concept of Deep Adaptation to impending societal breakdown, particulary with regard to climate disruption, is spreading around the world. The topic is vast, touching on all aspects of our personal and professional lives, in all corners of the globe. There are now many people seeking experts to speak on this topic around the world – from journalists, broadcasters, and event organisers. To respond to the demand, the Deep Adaptation Forum has been prototyping a roster of Deep Adaptation Advocates). These are people of many different kinds of experience and expertise, who are known to Professor Bendell as having something interesting to say on the Deep Adaptation agenda. They are located around the world. Some can travel and all can speak by video link. Some do not charge a fee but some may need to. Any payments are handled directly, not via the Forum.

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