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  • Although I attended Constance Clare-Newman’s wonderful event on August 16th, I wasn’t aware that it was part of a larger DAF Gratitude month until I received a lovely message on September 1st from Terry LePage and then through the vagaries of cyberspace, the original notification sent out by Cat Jenkins at the beginning of August, on September 2nd! So here is my belated comment:

    I’m indescribably grateful for the utter miracle of Deep Adaptation itself; that DAF (with all it’s “daffiness”) actually exists!

    And the great many deeply empathic members I’ve encountered for all the astonishing gifts and presence that each embodies and manifests, too many now for me to list and adequately recognize.

  • I am so grateful to the skilled, compassionate and generous facilitators who offer regular Zoom groups to support our community. See their offerings here:
    Matthew Painton and Kat Soares, for Wider Embraces.
    Emma Mary Gathergood, Sasha Daucus and Rachel Forgasz for Earth Listening.
    Jay Ridgeway, Igor Polskiy, Michaela Conzelmann, Nando Ferriera, Kat Soares, Sophie Reynolds, Katie Carr, Sandra Fliegelman, Maria Perkins for Deep Relating.
    Igor, Katie, Sophie, Matthew, Kat, Rachel Forgasz, Olivia Crooks, and Greg Undeen for Deep Listening.
    Lynne Westmoreland for Death Café.
    Sophie Reynolds for DA Community Grief Circle
    Lisa Gordon for Mutual Care
    Sarah-Jane Menato and Olivia Crooks for Well at the End of the World
    And to the others who hold regular groups in our space too:
    Jilani for Songs of One Breath,
    The arts folks, Anja Big, Vane Trepp, Stephen Raskin, Dawn Mazzone.
    The Education group and its subgroups, shoutout to Peter Kindfield for getting that ball rolling.
    The Business and Finance group, with Viviana Jimenez,
    and everyone else who enriches our space with face-to-face (web) gatherings.

  • Right now, I am feeling much gratitude for the very practical and practicable words of advice I get from others – DAF Core Team colleagues, DAF volunteers and friends, and other wise people in my life. May there be many as-yet-unknown blessings on their way to you all.

  • I am grateful to my friend and eco-collaborator who sent me this link and to this community for allowing me to join, a healthy place to process both gratitude and grief. I’m also grateful today that I have the privilege to ride my new e-bike and get around with little use of a car.

  • I am grateful for this elegant reminder to be grateful, to acknowldge sufficiency, and the liberation it allows … such that I think I have done enough for today, and will got to the park.

  • Deep gratitude to Katie Carr for this amazing post about, well – Gratitude! Such a rich, intelligent synthesis. We spoke about this in our Deep Relating group last night, and this is something else i am so grateful for, the spaceholders; Nando, Jay, Michaela and Maria – thankyou so much to their expertise and committment. I also have read Jem’s editorial from the DA news this morning – so incredibly grateful to have this searing and eloquent insight to cut through the noise and bullshit, it makes me want to do more – but I don’t know what! But I am glad this voice is being heard and I will share in my way to help get the message out. Huge thankyou to all the Core Team of DA and for the tireless behind the scenes work of moderators, volunteers and tech support.

  • Today I am grateful for gentle breezes that animate the barley fields, I’m grateful for my daughters care of me while I put in the hours in front on the laptop and I’m grateful for the many friends I have found in this community – their (your) care, compassion and capacity for being with the uncomfortable inspire me every day

  • I feel immense gratitude for the many volunteers whose dedication and helpfulness greet those with loving responses as they come into the DAF embrace. I am grateful to Jem for his determination to get his paper out there, and for the early team who recognized the need and laid down the foundation for this community.

  • Right now, I’m feeling an immense gratitude for the fact that in the midst of troubling times, my garden is (seemingly) oblivious to it all; bursting with edibles, feeding me, the birds (and the slugs) in an irrepressible performance that’s just – only just! – the right side of showing off. And all with minimal input from me. Thank you, garden, and soil, sun and rain.

  • Feeling very grateful for the DAF community and the amazing people who work to make it possible! I am humbled by your generous hearts!! xoxo

  • Feeling so much gratitude for not being alone anymore in the acceptance and grief, in not being alone in letting go of the, in not being alone in the silence of knowing. Now there are other voices, thank you DAF

  • I feel huge gratitude today, just for the possibility I have to participate in Deep Adaptation Forum.
    Thanks for writing the paper, and taking the risks, for this discussion to come out in the open, Jem Bendell.
    Gold stars for Core team for keeping the Movement moving forward (much of their time given voluntary)
    And total awe for the tiny team of Facebook Moderators who toil continuously, 24X365 in a fraught social media space dealing with angry, anxious, traumatised folks, receiving zero reward but keeping Facebook safe, and healthy, and useful to a huge group of collapse aware folk.
    Thank you all!

  • I’m feeling much gratitude, right now, for the work that Aimee and Krysztina do for us on the tech side…. Low profile, often unnoticed, but diligently keeping everything running smoothly and securely. Thank you both!

  • Much love and gratitude to all active members of this wonderful community, including the core team, the facilitators and facebook group moderators – you are the glue to holds this space together lightly and with care <3

  • I feel a lot of gratitude towards the Editorial Team for their tireless and painstainking work on the DAF newsletters and the DAF blog! Not to mention the “Gratitude Month” which is now starting. This labour of love really feels essential to the life of our community – thank you.

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